I have a web application on a local Linux Apache server that scans a folder for new files and then processes them.

I have an SMB share to this folder and I use Path Finder to copy files over from my Mac (10.6).

The problem is that when I copy files over a whole lot of "._filename" resource fork files get created on the share and then the web application gets confused when it encounters them. I could fix the web application to be a bit smarter and ignore them, but this is also annoying when archiving and copying to external drives.

I have managed to turn off .DS_Store files and I did see a similar question with an answer, but it seemed to be dealing with NTFS Streams and a nsmb.conf file.

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There is an application called BlueHarvest that fully automates the clean up of these files.


Alternatively, you can use terminal:

cp -X /sourcedirectory/ /volumes/destinationsmbshare/


Adapted from https://apple.stackexchange.com/a/57832/8546


Finder does much to ensure integrity of data, and to make its results compatible with a broad range of Apple operating systems. For some types of copy/move routines, ._ (dot underscore) files are required.

File system

If you prevent creation of ._ files at the file system level, you make that file system partially incompatible with at least:

  • Apple Finder
  • Microsoft Office Excel, PowerPoint and Word 2011.

(For any use case that involves Office 2011 saving to a file system, you must allow ._ on that file system … and so on.)

For more detail please see my answer to an older question, Why are dot underscore ._ files created, and how can I avoid them?:

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