I am unable to turn off mobile data for some apps. Facebook, Cotap, Youtube and some others. Yet some of the apps I can turn mobile data off for e.g App Store.

I recently upgraded to 8.4.1 on my iPhone 4s.

Any one have any ideas?

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There's a bug which occurs sometimes where the CellularData.db is corrupted/malformed and iOS can't write the preferences to it.

You can fix this by deleting the file, located in /var/wireless/Library/Databases/CellularUsage.db.

Source: Fix cellular data app preferences not being saved on iOS 7


Sounds like a bug in iOS to me. The best thing that you can do is wait until iOS 9 launches in a couple of weeks. iOS 9 should address many bugs and improve the performance of your iPhone, (even a 4S) so I highly recommend updating when iOS 9 gets a public release.

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