I'm used to working with Linux so I like being able to do as much as possible from the comfort of my Terminal.app bash shell.

So.. What are the essential networking commands & utilities native to Mac OS X?

If that's potentially too broad, the main goal is just to be able to join/connect to a WLAN Access Point and the Internet.

What (I think) I know so far is this:

  1. There is no ip, iw or iwconfig. There is an ifconfig.
  2. There is no ss utility. There is a BSD-style netstat utility; but it's considerably different to GNU-proper.
  3. There is a poorly documented IEEE 802.11 utility; named airport.
    I have it symbolically-linked (link -s) to my default $PATH. (i.e:/bin/airport)
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Looks like networksetup and airport are your best bets.

run ifconfig to find network interfaces,
then airport scan to find available networks,
and then networksetup -setairportnetwork INTERFACE SSID PASSWORD
where INTERFACE, SSID, and PASSWORD are replaced by the proper items. It's not the most elegant method, but it works.

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