In Yosemite, opening folders in a new window by default is extremely difficult. You can press CMD as you click (not optimal) or right-click/option-click the folder to open in a new window (not optimal).

The solution that seems to work best for me is to hide the toolbar whenever I open / create a new folder, because folders inside windows that do not have a toolbar will always open in a new window.

But the toolbar always reappears whenever I create a new folder.

So, ideally, I would love to have it ALWAYS hidden by default, and on rare occasions when I need it (to look at external drives, or drag an item into the application folder for example), I would shortcut-make it appear, ta-daam.


This should work:

  • Close all open Finder windows
  • Open a New Finder window and arrange it to your liking.
  • From the Menu select View then Show View Options +J
  • Click the Use as Defaults button at the bottom.

Lonely folder

View Options Dialog


Also, the View Menu shows many shortcuts to toggle view options.

Finder View Options Menu

  • Thank you! I'll mark this as solved although for the moment I mostly use the shortcut that removes the sidebar cmd+alt+T Sep 19 '15 at 11:50

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