I have seen a type of browser which Apple spits out, for example, when connecting to hotel WiFi's. They seem to be a pop-up window without any specific application.

I find Github's screenshots to be displayed in the same way - Example. How do I achieve this to open any URL in a similar fashion?

Purpose: This would be a clean way to take screenshots etc.

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One way to accomplish something similar is to use the Website Popup workflow in Automator.

  • Open Automator
  • Create a new Workflow or Service
  • Add Get Specified URL's
  • Add Website Popup

Modify the settings in each workflow to your preference. The popup can be then captured for screen shots.

From the Mac OS X Automation website:

Website Popup

More and more, services and functionality are moving to the Cloud. Accessing internet-hosted server-based content without the hassle and overhead of using a browser can prove to be invaluable in providing simple, quick, and elegant workflow soltuions.[sic] The Website Popup action displays specified HTML or web-based content in a floating HUD-like palette that can provide fast access to important content and then quicly [sic] get out of the way.

Sample using "Website" in a Wikipedia search workflow:

HUD style lookup screenshot

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