In Preview, is there a way to change/edit the names of links in the Table of Contents of a pdf?


You could use a combination of tools to remove the old ToC, and attach a new one:

  • use PDF SAM ("split and merge"; it's FOSS and cross-platform) to take off the old ToC;
  • use PDF Outliner ($4.99 in Mac App store) to generate a new one.

See other helpful tools in another Q&A.


Preview does not support this.

You need more advanced PDF editing software, like Adobe Acrobat Pro or PDF Outliner.


Well, as has stated by others, preview cannot edit toc.

I tried PDF SAM. To be honest, I think it's a bit user-unfriendly.

Give it a try on Foxit Reader, free and elegant as on Windows platform, as shown below.

Foxit Reader TOC Edit Sample


Preview can't modify or add TOC, but I find an alternative way to do this is use bookmark.

Just navigate to the page and press CMD+D, or choose "Tools/Add Bookmark" menu item, the page number and some text from the begin of the page will show on the bookmark view.

I use this way to add link to the PDF file without TOC, and it works.

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    It should be pointed out that Preview's Bookmarks are not part of the PDF specification, and do not appear in other PDF readers. – benwiggy Jan 21 '19 at 9:08

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