From the command line I'd like to open a new Terminal window that is already SSH'ing to a host.

From the command line, I can open a new Terminal window very easily:

open -a Terminal


open -a Terminal /path/name

(The second one starts the Terminal already "cd"'ed to /path/name.)

However I want the Terminal to open and immediately run "ssh foo" instead.


As far as I know, you can't do it using open command.

But, you can do it using a combination of keyboard shortcuts and Terminal profiles.

Define a new profile on your Terminal app (let's call it ssh) and add your ssh command on Shell tab under Run command:.

Then your can define a shortcut on System Preferences - Keyboard - Shorcuts - App Shortcuts like the following:

enter image description here

Once done, you will have to type the shortcut on your Terminal app and will open a new window with your ssh command.

Careful, the Menu Title must have the exact same name as your newly created profile.

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