Is it possible to get a remote link to a file via finder? I want to be able to share my screenshots really quickly which are now saved to an iCloud folder. Thanks, D.


I don't believe this is possible as of Yosemite 10.10.5. The sharing menu would be a sensible place for this, but it doesn't have an option to send or copy a link to the file, choosing Mail or Messages will attach the full file:

Current share options

Personally I use Dragshare to quickly get a remote link to a file, or if you save your files to Dropbox you can just alt-click and choose Share Dropbox Link.

  • Thanks but really want this to be an apple solution. iCloud is such a major part of apple devices i don't want to pay for the space required for dropbox. The free space i have is already nearly full. As a short term solution i've created an applescript that adds images in a folder to a Photos album. I'll then have to create a shared album per project. – v3nt Aug 27 '15 at 11:21

It is now possible to get an iCloud link natively with macOS High Sierra:

  1. Select a file in one of your iCloud folders (Desktop, Documents, etc.)
  2. Choose Add People from the Share menu
  3. Click the Copy Link button
  4. Change "Who can access" to "Anyone with the link" under "Share Options" section

It'll look something like this:

Current share options

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