I'd like to find a way to use OS X native notifications instead of the Chrome notifications.

I have read something about using a Growl extension and then redirect Growl to OS X Notifications Center using Hiss app, but I never used Growl and for what I've read seems like it was used only on old versions of OS X.

Is there any way?


Yes you can with this experimental feature. Open chrome://flags/#enable-native-notifications to enable the feature, then restart Chrome.

  • Yes it wasn't available at the time of this question was posted. – Fez Vrasta Jul 15 '16 at 10:37

You can now go to chrome://flags and enable "Enable native notifications. Mac", and it works as it should.

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The short answer to this is No

In order for Chrome to send an alert to OS X's notification center, an API call must be initiated - from the browser to OS X. Technically, an add-on could be developed that would address this, however, Google seems to have left open the idea that they would be bring this feature to fruition.

Chrome's notification center is the latest casualty in the war against browser bloat

Unfortunately, this is just something we are going to have to wait for.


I'm adding an answer here because now Chrome on macOS uses by default the native notifications system. You don't have to perform any specific action anymore.

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