When I go to full screen on a Word for Mac document, the dots (red, yellow, green) disappear, and I can't get them back. Therefore, I am not able to close a document. Can someone tell me how to reduce the page size on a Word for Mac document so I can see the dots? I've poked around for hours and found nothing online or in the help section. Thank you


Word is in Full Screen mode. Simply hover your mouse at the top of the window, and the Menu bar will drop down. On the right hand side is a blue double-headed arrow. Click it, and the screen will return to a window. (you can save the document by simply using the menu when it drops down from your mouse hover, if you wish to remain in full screen mode...oh and CMD-S is your friend (save))

Or, you can just hit ESC.


I addition to @cmason's correct answer, you may find it advantageous to review Apple Support's "Mac Basics - Tour the Mac Interface."

More specifically regarding full screen apps, you will find further reading here: OS X Yosemite: Take apps full screen.


Return to standard view: Move the pointer to the top-left corner of the screen, then click the green full-screen button again, or press Control-Command (⌘)-F.

One more:

OS X Yosemite: Window basics

Switch to full screen In many apps, including Calendar and Mail, you can expand the window to fill your entire screen.

Click the green full-screen button in the top-left corner of an app window.

Button for entering full screen Return to standard view by moving the pointer to the top-left corner of the screen, then clicking the green full-screen button again.


The same as on any Mac OS since the dawn of time...

Cmd ⌘ W will close the window.

It's well worth learning the basics - though this list is pretty heavy & you may never remember them all...

Mac keyboard shortcuts

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