Is there an app (or a way in settings, that despite searching I cannot seem to figure out) that can change the keypad on an iOS device to allow for both forward and backward delete (or delete/backspace depending on your outlook on semantics), like the OS X offers? This is the one big drawback for me with Apple vs. other mobile devices. Editing is much more difficult without this feature.

If not, is there a away to do this if I jailbreak my device(s)?

  • There are lots of 3rd party keyboards for iOS. Have you researched a bunch of them and not found any that do this? – Tom Gewecke Aug 18 '15 at 22:52
  • I haven't spent a day on it, but i've looked at quite a few options as far as settings or app store. I do not have a jailbroken device so have not looked at that option (which is why I asked here). – gracey209 Aug 18 '15 at 22:55
  • I also checked on here and didn't find anything addressing the issue. Lots of complaints online about the issue of the iOS not having it generally, but I don't trust that it doesn't exist somewhere/somehow based on that, as many didn't realize its possible on a Macbook. – gracey209 Aug 18 '15 at 22:57

Currently, there is no way to do this without a jailbreak. The software keyboard has no functionality to do what you want, and as a developer, I know that there is not way to program any other delete but the backspace.

As for the jailbreak, I am sure there is a way, but make sure you Google it first, since I wouldn't jailbreak without knowing for a fact.

  • Got it! I just deleted my comment, lol – gracey209 Aug 18 '15 at 23:57
  • Sorry about that. I mean w/out. – SentientBacon Aug 18 '15 at 23:58
  • No problem. We all skim over things now and then – SentientBacon Aug 18 '15 at 23:58
  • I wondered if there was a Jailbreak version only b/c if there was, I would think an app would be coming in iOS offering same, since they tend to get a few ideas now and then from those sites :~). I'd probably be hesitant to do that anyway...but who knows. – gracey209 Aug 18 '15 at 23:59
  • Well, maybe Apple will add in in the future, but as of today, I think your best bet is with a jailbreak – SentientBacon Aug 19 '15 at 0:01

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