I have an iPhone 4s running on iOS 8.1.3. I've owned it for about 2-3 years now and have taken good care of it physically and hardware wise. But recently my phone had died. I plugged it in to the charger no problem right? I come back about 20 minutes later to see nothing had changed... I tried adjusting the cord, trying to power down the device, rebooting, safe mode, and just letting it sit without the cord and retrying to charge it. Nothing worked; the phone just kept blinking the red battery logo even of 1 entire day of charging. What is there to do?

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    Is it dead, battery wise? Could it be the cord or plug, or even the outlet/strip?
    – gracey209
    Aug 16, 2015 at 23:06
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    You likely need to replace the battery.
    – Tyson
    Aug 17, 2015 at 0:44

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There are a few possible things that could have happened. I've ordered them (and their solutions) below from most to least likely.


  1. You have a faulty cord.

    • It has become frayed on the inside.

    • One of the metallic connectors is dirty.

  2. Dust or dirt has collected in your charging port.

  3. Your wall outlet is not functioning correctly.

  4. You have a hardware problem.

    • Your charging port has become disconnected internally.

    • Your battery is defective.

Many of these cause your device not to charge. Thus, powering on your device does nothing.


  1. Get a new cord.

    • Manually repair the wire by soldering the frayed ends together and using a heat-shrink to put everything back together. (You probably just want to buy a new cord.)

    • Clean the dirty connectors.

  2. Clean out your charging port with a folded index card, toothpick, plastic card, etc.

  3. Call an electrician.

  4. Take your device in to get fixed. (Hopefully, you have a warranty.)


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