How do I identify and add(sum) only specific cells in a row - they are not continuous cells. Ex. I1, O1, U1 total sum and show in BG1

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    Could you edit this to show what you have so far? A screen shot and your best attempt at a formula might be a good place to start. Also, what version of OS X and numbers is in play here. – bmike Aug 16 '15 at 22:35

You would use a formula for this. In the cell you want the SUM to display (BG1 in your question), enter this formula =SUM(I1,O1,U1)

Note that the function is SUM() preceded by an equal sign = and the cell values are comma separated. You can also include ranges by putting a colon between cells. Say you wanted to select A1 through E1, then I1, O1, and U1: =SUM(A1:E1,I1,O1,U1)

Here is a list containing some of the functions available to you in Numbers. Apple - Numbers - Functions

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