My iPad 2 is running iOS 6.1.3, but now I want to update to iOS 7. In Settings → General → Software Update, I can only can update to iOS 8.4. iOS 8 destroys your iPad. How can I update my iPad to iOS 7 now, in 2015?

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You only ever have two options with iOS - stay on the iOS you're currently on, or update to the latest your device will support.

Apple stops signing all older iOSes within a few days of releasing a new version, meaning that even if you could install it, it would not activate.

As the iPad 2 is supported on iOS 8 [currently 8.4.1] this is your only choice if you wish to update.

  • Thnx. But if i update to 8.4.1 it will destroy my i pad. I will stay in ios6.1.3. Aug 16, 2015 at 11:23
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    @Hasini It won't destroy your iPad. I run iOS 9 on my iPad 2 and it works great.
    – grg
    Aug 16, 2015 at 12:27


If by 'Destroy' you mean your iPad2 locked up (As did mine) when it reboots after iTunes completed the download then fear not! As long as it completed the install ( which seems evident since it rebooted) just remove it from the cable and do a hard reset. i.e. Hold both buttons in for a few seconds and it should restart and now boot with your nice new iOS 9 It will probably show an Apple icon with a cable icon suggesting you had better reconnect to iTunes , Connect back up, then all should be well and iTunes will complete and verify the installation :)

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