Is there a one (or a simple) step process to either email myself, or cut/copy, an entire (like year long) iMessage conversation without having to buy an app/software or to go through and keep marking post groupings through "more" so I can send to my email?

I read about finding a hidden library folder in the question pertaining to the bulk download of pictures in iMessage. This did not really help.

Also, when I log into iMessage from my Macbook, my iPhone messages that predated the purchase do not show up. Even assuming it did, however, I still want to move the conversation out of iMessage so I can paste it into a word doc for posterity.


I'm only aware of how to do this natively on macOS

  1. Sign in to Messages on OS X
  2. Select the conversation you want to save
  3. File -> Print -> Save
  4. (optional) Use whatever pdf editing software you choose to extract, copy, transform the PDF version of the conversation

There are third party solutions like PhoneView by ecamm to do this as well, but I don't know of an archive method on iOS. I'm a very happy customer of PhoneView - I sent them my money and have been satisfied by their continued updates of the product and the value.

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    Its on my iPhone not my Macbook. Although it is an iMessage it is not showing up on the OS X, I think (?) because I bought the Macbook after the last text was sent/rec'd. – gracey209 Aug 15 '15 at 1:03
  • @gracey209 I've had a newly wiped or set up mac download lots of past iMessage history. Hopefully this works for you if you set up a new user account. – bmike Aug 15 '15 at 2:58
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    But the iMessage conversation is on my phone and all that shows on iMessage on my Macbook are messages sent/rec'd after I set this machine up. I have no access to my phone's old messages. I am going to connect my phone again to my Macbook and try to capture it a different way. I'm clueless I think! – gracey209 Aug 15 '15 at 18:59
  • Furthermore, what if you don't have access to a mac where you can configure your iMessage account? – combinatorist Nov 13 '19 at 20:50

This is an old question but people in the future may find my answer helpful

There is a software that has the ability to do this: Imazing

Here is a guide: https://imazing.com/guides/how-to-save-iphone-text-messages-sms-and-imessages-to-your-computer

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I don’t know if it’s still available or compatible but in the past I used a program called Touch Copy purchased directly from the developer website- Wide Angle Software I think it was

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  • I downloaded the free trial of this program, but it is not detecting my iPhone 11 Pro Max. Is it compatible with the latest iPhones? – Charles S Feb 29 at 14:52
  • Update: Finally, I downloaded another program (iphone-to-pc.com/how-transfer-messages-iphone-pc.html) to transfer text messages and iMessages from iPhone to my computer as PDF file. Then I forwarded the PDF to my gmail. Needed these messages for some legal matter. Just like TouchCopy it is also not free, but it did work for me. – Charles S Mar 1 at 10:04

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