I would like to create a smart list with the 25 most played song in the last 7 days. Not the 25 most played of all times, only in the last 7 days!

Can anyone help?


How about this [untested] ...

enter image description here

Caveats -

  • You need to hit the first + sign to get the second line.
  • you may need to play with the 'greater than' parameter.
  • i think there was a problem there... link does not show... – Leonardo Aug 14 '15 at 19:52
  • What ' link' ..? – Tetsujin Aug 14 '15 at 20:06
  • ohh sorry... i read [untested] as unTRUSTED and thought that the link was pointing to a "unfriendly" page... – Leonardo Aug 14 '15 at 20:13
  • ah, sorry... no, links here show like this (safe, apple dot com) in blue by default – Tetsujin Aug 14 '15 at 20:21

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