I am designing lectures in Powerpoint (the latest released version this year) for a class I'm teaching soon, and created filenames based on the date that I will give them:

enter image description here

But if I open 9/22.pptx (or any one of the other files) in Powerpoint, it does not preserve the filename:

enter image description here

(See that the 9/ part was removed.)

Is there a reason for this? If I open the presentation in Keynote (the latest version), the name is preserved:

enter image description here

  • Does it have to be PowerPoint, couldn't you just use Keynote? – RedEagle2000 Aug 12 '15 at 17:53
  • @RedEagle2000 For some of the slide designs, images, etc. I need to use Powerpoint. I could use Keynote but it would make what I have to do harder. I was just curious why this behavior happens. – Ryan Aug 12 '15 at 17:54
  • This may be relevant: superuser.com/questions/326103/… – Jaime Santa Cruz Aug 12 '15 at 18:02

From Microsoft's Known Issues with PowerPoint 2011:

Some characters cannot be used in file and folder names in PowerPoint for Mac 2011

IMPORTANT This issue is fixed in Office for Mac 2011 Service Pack 1. Click Downloads to download Service Pack 1 or the latest update.

Characters, including <"> and |, are allowed in file names in PowerPoint 2008 and earlier versions, but they must be removed from a file name before it can be opened in PowerPoint 2011.

Check your version of PowerPoint for updates to see if this addresses or fixes the issue.

Otherwise, change the filename to include a character that is allowed such as "-". (e.g.: 9-22)

  • Glad to help! Cheers – bjbk Aug 12 '15 at 18:30

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