I'm using a Mac at my new job and I often want to have a clear view of my desktop quickly. So far I've bound the Exposé - Desktop function to my mouse and it works okay, but the moment I want to just bring one app back from the dock, they all come back and it's frustrating.

Is there a way to show my desktop and actually put all my apps in the dock, kind of like the bottom right corner of Windows 7/8? There is this restriction that I can't install anything on my work machine. If there's nothing in Yosemite, will there be something in El Capitan?


From within the application that you want, just go to the application menu and click "Hide Others"(shortcut alt-cmd-H)

You can create an AppleScript and/or find third party software(like MagicPrefs) to create a shortcut for this action or an "App" in the dock that can do this.

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