Recently I bought Macbook Pro Retina Early 2015, and after approximately one month my wifi shows

No Wifi/Wireless device found

I rush to the iStore and submitted my macbook, they serviced it and returned it to me, after approximately 2 to 3 days the problem was back again and gone after 2 days. Since my wifi is working perfectly.

The problem I am facing is now when I open APP STORE and sign in there I get the following error message:

Your device or computer could not be verified. Contact support for assistance.

I googled it search it on forums and got that its an issue of non registered network adapter. Kindly help me in this scenario is this a software bug or a hardware one or some effective solution.


Just had this problem. Not sure what exactly had helped, but I

  • Went to the Network Preferences and deleted whatever I could, all the locations except the one left and for this last deleted all the interfaces.
  • Rebooted
  • In the Network Preferences created a new location.

After that everything started to work again. Probably you could just delete and recreate your Ethernet interface.


I would try re-installing OS X to fix this.

To re-install OS X without losing files and without a DVD try these steps:

  1. Shutdown computer.
  2. Start up computer while holding the Command, Option, and R keys until you see a globe icon appear on the screen like this one. This may take a while, be patient.
  3. When a screen like this appears, select "Reinstall OS X". Follow along with the instructions and in 1-2 hours you will have a new copy of OS X with all of your files and apps intact.

If the App Store works after re-installation, then please click the check-mark next to my post to mark it as the accepted answer. One of the awesome things about OS X is that you can re-install pretty easily without losing anything, some problems when you can't get them to go away can be fixed by re-installing. Remember these steps for later :)

  • Better read the described question. This doesn't look like the best suited answer to a typical hardware problem. Don't you think this full Mac OS X reinstall will just be a waste of time for our colleague already in trouble with a broken connection ? – dan Aug 17 '15 at 6:04

Happened same with me. This is happening because the App Store is looking for a working connection on en0 port and it is not getting anything anything on it due to which it says the device cannot be verified.

  • Your task is to switch the en0 and en1 assignments basically.

  • Just copy the files 'preferences.plist' and 'NetworkInterfaces.plist' from /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration to Desktop as a backup and delete it from /Library/Preferences/SystemConfiguration

  • Restart your Mac and try to login into the App Store

Worked for me!

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