I'm using the latest version of Photos on both of my iMacs, my iPhone, and two iPads.

I'm also using iCloud for storage and syncing.

So far - everything seems to work - when I take a photo on my iPhone, it shows up on all my Macs and devices.

However - what happens when I edit a photo in Photos on one of my iMacs? Does the edited photo show up on my other Mac and other devices? Also - if I "favorite" a photo in Photos - should that show up on my other devices?


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According to this Support article from 2016 the answer depends on how you sync:

  • If you import photos from an iOS device to Photos over USB, the favorite status will not sync (!)
  • If you use iCloud Photo Library to sync across devices the favorite status will sync.

Source: Apple Support - Q: iOS Photos to OSX Photos favorites sync

FWIW this is totally offensive and horrible, I can hardly believe it. I just did an import of 3k images and apparently have lost all of my favorite statuses. What a mess.

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