I create a mount in Finder by pressing command+K, and typing this in the Server Address field: smb://mydept.mycompany.com/dfs/somefolder/xyz

The mount point is /Volumes/xyz.

I go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items > +. This lets me "Add an item to the Login Items list." In the file chooser dialog that appears, I select the xyz volume. The volume is listed right under the top level ComputerName in the hierarchy.

Back in Users & Groups Login Items, if I hover the cursor over that entry it shows the path as /Volumes/xyz.

All is well!

When I reboot, the volume is mounted automatically, but the mount point is /Volumes/dfs and not /Volumes/xyz.

This is a problem because I have scripts that are looking for /Volumes/xyz.

How can I get this path to the mount point to be consistent? I'd prefer to have it be /Volumes/xyz.

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