I have an app up for review that includes IAPs. The App has had the status of In Review for three days now. When I went to the IAP page in iTunesConnect, I noticed that all my IAPs had been changed to Developer Action Needed. When I clicked on each of the IAPs, the english language was highlighted and they were marked as rejected.

I went ahead a made a small change to each of the IAPs description and now all of them are in Waiting for Review. Today marks day two of the IAPs with the Waiting for Review status.

Is there something I need to do to get the review going? I have had no feedback from Apple and I am hesitant to upload a new binary, as that will push the review out for another week.

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Yes, it takes time. Your in-app purchase should be approved before submitting your app to review. See Average App Store Review Times for waiting times.


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