I need to build a string containing the filenames of the 15 most recent files (by modification date) within a directory. Delimited only by a space:

file1.jpg file2.jpg file3.jpg

I'm using ImageMagick via command line. Here is what I currently have, but get an error number -1728:

tell application "Finder"
    set imageItems to every file of folder wallpaperPath
    set imageItems to the reverse of (sort imageItems by modification date)
    set concatFiles to ""
    repeat with n from 1 to 15
        set imageItem to item n of imageItems
        set imageName to the file name of imageItem
        set concatFiles to concatFiles & " " & imageName
    end repeat
end tell
do shell script "cd " & wallpaperPath & "; montage " & concatFiles & " -tile 3x5 -geometry 500x500+1+1 ~/Desktop/final.jpg"
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    Can you show us what you have tried? – AllInOne Jul 30 '15 at 14:28
  • What is the ultimate purpose of the list and what have you tried? What step are you have difficultly with? – Graham Miln Jul 30 '15 at 14:28
  • updated my post with a code snippet – daleyjem Jul 30 '15 at 14:39

Change the line,

    set imageName to the file name of imageItem


    set imageName to the name of imageItem

and it should work.


Couldn't help but notice that you are not quoting your file names. If any of them contain spaces, then you will have problems. Best to also change

    set concatFiles to concatFiles & " " &  imageName


    set concatFiles to concatFiles & " " & quoted form of imageName

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