When using Numbers and I want to underline a cell, the default format is outlining the whole cell. I want the default format in Numbers to be only an underline not a box. Any way to do this?

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If by "underline a cell" you mean just a bottom border, this is done in the Cell tab of the inspector.

  • Select the cell(s) you wish to apply the bottom border to.
  • In the Cell tab on the Inspector select the border formatting.
  • There are several dropdowns that allow you to choose the style and weight of the bottom border. See screenshots below.
  • Once you get your sheet the way you like it, save it as a template for future use. (This can be your 'default')

If, however, you want the data or content only underlined, this is in the Text tab of the Inspector

  • Select the cell with your data
  • Apply the underline either by selecting it or using keyboard +U

Bottom border

Apply Underline

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