When printing a PDF file from Preview, the print dialog defaults to "Scale to Fit / Print Entire Image", and the default scale is some arbitrary number. To get 100% scale requires clicking "Scale" and typing "100".

I want the default to be "Scale / 100%", without clicking or typing. How can I do this in Yosemite?

This question was answered before under "Keep Preview from autoresizing print output" but the solution there does not seem to work under Yosemite. Saving as a preset does not work either.

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As a run around, you can print it from terminal. Assuming your default printer is the one you want

lp -o fit-to-page /path/to/file.pdf

or by dragging and dropping the pdf onto the printer, which should print it at 100% and auto-rotated "fit to page". It depends on the pdf's size and rotation settings, but you'll find it works most of the time.

If you don't have you printer as a dock icon, you can find it in


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