I would like to backup the /home directory on a macbook pro running osx 10.8.5 using time machine, unfortunately this is directory is ignored by default. According to this post:

On OS X, what files are excluded by rule from a Time Machine backup?

the file:


stores the list of built in exclusions where the /home path is under paths that are excluded. Can I delete the line that contains the /home directory in order to add it to the list of directories that time machine will back up? What are some unintended consequences that I might run into by doing this?


You don't need to do this. OS X uses /Users/(username) instead. /home is there for compatibility.

This Apple Support Document describes how Mac OS X handles multiple users.

Your home folder isn’t actually named “Home.” It’s named with your user name. If your Mac has several users set up, each user has a home folder.

  • So the computer was changed using the solution described here: stackoverflow.com/questions/1362703/… so that the home directory could be used. Since files are now stored in /home, I would like to have it automatically backup – Ragnar Jul 28 '15 at 23:45

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