I must attend to edit screenshots for an application, available on iPhone and iPad in 14 different languages. Each screenshot contains a text explaining the screen in all 14 languages. As each iPhone requires a different image size on iTunes Connect, so I have to edit: 14 x 5 x 5 screenshots different resolutions. This makes a total of 350 screenshots for iTunes Connect, just for one app.

My question is: there's there a simpler solution, less tedious than having to edit each screen in each size in Photoshop? Thank You

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There are solutions to automating editing and generation of App Store screenshots. Whether you find them 'simpler' depends a bit on what tools you're comfortable using:

Editing existing screenshots? If you're adding frames and title texts, you can automate this with FrameIt (if you are comfortable working in the command line). Other generic image editing problems: Use Adobe Photoshop and make friends with the Actions palette.

Generating new screenshots? Automate generating new screenshots across devices and languages with Snapshot, this relies on learning a bit of the Instruments app and specifically UI Automation, and some command line fiddling.

If I were to recommend, I would work through automating generating new screenshots rather than fiddle with editing existing screenshots. This might have a harder learning curve, but once done you should save a lot of time when preparing screenshots for future versions of the app.

Snapshot and FrameIt are both part of Fastlane toolset for automating the App Store submission process.


Take a look at this app in the Mac App store: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/prepo/id476533227?mt=12

enter image description here

I'm not sure this does exactly what you need, but it's a free app for most features and may be worth a try.

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