I've just received a router with my new internet. This router is wireless and therefor has no ports except power. How can I connect my time capsule to this router now that I can no longer connect it directly through cable?

I've tried to choose extend existing network but it just keeps blinking orange...


I'm afraid you can't.
Extending networks only works between Apple products and the Time Capsule does not have a "client mode", as the Airport Express. You could buy a router that can connect wirelessly to your ISP Modem - Router, and connect the TC by an ethernet cable to it, in order to keep using it as a Time Machine destination. You would have to put the TC in bridge mode. An Airport Express will be able to fulfill this role.

  • Since I have an airbook, could I then use thunderbolt to ethernet adapter, Then connect the TC directly to my mac and then use it both for back up and as a regular harddisc? I know this would make the automatic back up not work, but would it be a simple solution if the primary purpose for my TC is to make back up's once in a while plus work as an external harddisc? – Magnus Jul 27 '15 at 18:12
  • Connecting by ethernet to a "WAN-less" TC and to a different wireless network may or may not work, depending on the configuration of the Time Capsule and luck, and will probably interfere with your internet use. Can't you call your ISP and ask them for a different kind of router? I was once on a situation where they left me with a USB only modem which was useless for me, and called them for a replacement, else I would've been forced to switch provider; they resisted a little but finally replaced it with an ethernet modem. – Jaime Santa Cruz Jul 27 '15 at 18:23

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