Often when you have ssh'ed into a server, you could like a second terminal to continue right off there, without having to ssh again.

I know that iTerm2 can do it, but it feels buggy on multi screens.

TotalTerminal makes a solid impression but seems to lack that feature, unless I have overlooked it. Is there a way to split the terminal horizontally or vertically and have two independent terminals working off the same place?


The way I achieve this is ensuring that tmux is installed on the machine I'm SSHing to.

Once you've issues tmux you can do ctrl-b % to split the screen vertically, or ctrl-b " to split it horizontally.

This will give you two sessions within the same terminal window, and can also be persistent across logins. This may not be exactly what you want though.

  • And, starting in OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Terminal supports Mouse Reporting, so you can enable mouse support in tmux and use the mouse to resize and manipulate tmux panes.
    – Chris Page
    Dec 11 '15 at 1:10

Mentioning TotalTerminal—which doesn't have a split-pane feature—may be too specific. You just want to know if there's a solution for Terminal, right?

It would help if you elaborated on what you mean by “continue right off there” and “without having to ssh again.”

If you create a terminal using Shell > New Remote Connection… or Shell > New Command… to run ssh, Terminal’s Shell > New Window/Tab with Same Command commands can create a new terminal and run the same command within it automatically.

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