I can't save segment of song as AAC in order to use as ringtone. Stuck at that stage. I am using iTunes There seem to be solutions for earlier iTunes versions. I've edited song to be 30 seconds.


As Eric says, you need the file to be converted to .aac & have the extension .m4r.

It also needs to be 40 seconds or less in length.

OK, you could pay 50 bucks to do that - or you could do it for free.

Use Audacity to cut to correct length & export as .aac

Then drop the file onto MakeiPhoneRingtone to convert it for the phone.

Drop the result onto iTunes & sync.

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If you have GarageBand ( on you iPhone will be best)

You can create a ringtone using the instruments and recoding features.

Open GarageBand.

  • Click the (+) symbol to open a new Song


  • Choose your instrument or sample.
  • Play something you like while recording. (red button)
  • Stop the recording when done. ( I assume you can do an edit if need be.)
  • Click the button ( Triangle pointing down in the top of the menu bar) to go back to My Songs. The song will be saved.
  • Click Select and select your song.
  • Then click the share button ( Square with arrow pointing up)

  • Choose Ring tone and follow the instructions.

On the iPhone if you just choose done at the end, the exported file will appear in your ringtones under sounds.

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Out of the box the iTunes will have save as MP3.

To change that to AAC, open iTunes preferences:

In the general tab click on the Import settings.

Select AAC


Now you will have the "Create AAC"

enter image description here

Thats it, the rest you know.

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