A Macbook Air was stolen from us last month and we immediately activated "Find my Mac" and a few minutes later we requested it to be wiped (through iCloud). Today, 1 month later, we received an email saying that the Mac had been wiped (but no location).

My question is: now what?

  • is there any chance we get a location on the Mac? (i.e. is "Find my Mac" still active? even if OS X is reinstalled?)
  • is the Mac usable or is it locked by a pin code? Is it possible to reinstall OS X and use it?

In general, do thieves know what to do with stolen and locked Macs (is it easy to unlock them?), or is it now a brick?

Also the name of the Mac was changed to something generic: "Macbook de mac" (in english: mac's Macbook), which sounds like the thief might have been trying to sell the mac. Now that it has been wiped, could it be because somebody bought it and connected it to a wifi? If it's locked and un-usable, maybe there's a chance that they would bring it to an Apple Store and that we could get it back.

  • I have the same doubt, wonder if my stolen laptop is still usable after remote erase/lock.
    – shiouming
    Apr 20, 2016 at 14:20

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Yeah u ain't getting it back! Once iCloud is turned off it can't trace like with a phone I factory reset it I don't add iCloud an that tracker the hole thing is factory reset. An that's what a thief would do reinstall it it's easy to get the firmware password. Were u insured? If so talk to Apple about them giving u another one. But straight up truth its long gone.

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