I am currently using a early 2006 macbook running on os x 10.5 and I am facing the flashing folder when turning it on. I have tried holding command & c and etc but nothing happens when I hold option after hearing the chime the arrow come up and i don't see no folder but it stays like this. I do not own any disks to put into my macbook because it was given to me. i do not want to take it to the shop because it will cost more than the laptop it self will cost. Is there any type of way to resolve this issue?

  • You need a disk to boot off and given what is happening a new hard disk as well – user151019 Jul 25 '15 at 16:36
  • Can you say more clearly what the main issue is? What initial steps might help you most? – D A Vincent Jul 26 '15 at 12:23

The folder with question mark on start up means that the Mac is unable to locate your boot drive.

OS X boot with question mark

Many possible causes:

  1. Corrupted boot disk.
    • You can try Disk Utility using a boot via external unit (CD-ROM, external HDD, USB) to repair the disk. If you are unable to see the primary disk via Disk Utility follow the two possibility below.
  2. HDD broken.
    • Replace your HDD and install a fresh copy of OS X or try to extract your data form the broken HDD and move it to the new one.
  3. HDD SATA cable disconnected / broken.
    • Your HDD is connected via SATA flat cable. Open your Mac, check this cable if it is disconnected or try to replace it.

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