On my Macbook Air, I recorded a video using iMovie 10.0.9. Then I clicked Share > File.

The resolution is 1280x720. At "High" quality, the file size of the resulting mp4 video was 1 GB for just 11 minutes of video! That's enormous!

As a comparison, on my Windows 7 computer, using Camtasia, I'm able to record an even higher resolution video (1920x1080), and its file size is 68 MB.

How can I export a video from iMovie in a way that makes the file much smaller?

I tried choosing "Low" quality, and then the file size was about 300 MB. (That's still big! And I'm not liking the idea of it being low quality, which was not necessary in Windows.)

This really matters to me because I upload my mp4 videos to various websites, and the upload takes far too long if the files are really large.

How would I be able to export a full-resolution high quality video from iMovie (into mp4 format) and still have the file size be just 68 MB for 11 mins of video? What are my options?



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