I am trying to remove all traces of Ureka. I followed the instructions in the link to do this, but when I test if it is gone with $ur_setup I see that the terminal does know what it should be looking for, because it says:

-bash: /Users/myname/.ureka/ur_setup: No such file or directory

But when I type $which ur_setup nothing is returned. And I have deleted the directory in the above code with

rm -rf /Users/myname/code/Ureka
rm -rf $HOME/.ureka
rm -rf $HOME/.ureka_tmp

How can I delete all memory of this program so that terminal does not know where it should look for the program?

As a note, when I $echo $PATH I get:

  • Between removing Ureka and running $ur_setup, did you restart terminal? If not the variable would be in memory…
    – forquare
    Commented Jul 23, 2015 at 20:03
  • Also, might be worth checking it’s not set in your shells rc file (probably ~/.bashrc or maybe ~/.profile)
    – forquare
    Commented Jul 23, 2015 at 20:05

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You removed the application according to the documentation. Now unset the variable ur_setup

    unset ur_setup

You are good to go.


Try this:

for i in `echo $PATH | sed 's/:/ /g'`; do
    printf "\033[1;103;30m        $i\033[0m\n"
    ls "$i" | grep "ur_setup"

This will iterate through directories included in PATH, print them in yellow and then if there's something in there matching ur_setup pattern, print it. It can be done cleaner, but it's not worth creating a big function for a small need.

Also, if there's no result from which ur_setup (neither not found nor like /usr/bin/spiderd), you should try type which.

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