I want to uninstall Apple Music from iTunes. I don't really care of this so expensive new 'revolution' and it's taking too much place... :/

enter image description here

For example how to delete 'For you, New, Radio and Connect'

enter image description here And the heart

By the way, all my music is on local and I don't need cloud, radio or anything else.

Can anyone help me ?

  • Sorry to say, but I think these UI elements are baked into the app. I can't find any user preferences to remove them.
    – IconDaemon
    Jul 23 '15 at 11:47

If you go into Preferences > General there's two things that you need to uncheck to disable Apple Music.

  1. Show Apple Music
  2. iCloud Music Library

For the Connect Menu, you can do this by going into Preferences > Parental and checking the Apple Music Connect tickbox.

Now I'm not entirely sure what ticking the Internet Radio box does in Preferences > Parental but it doesn't seem to hide the Apple Music Internet Radio button. I currently haven't found a way to hide this radio button.

Edit: Hiding the heart column in iTunes is simple enough. Just right click the heart column in iTunes and scroll down till you see the Love option that's ticked.


To remove the hearts, you can open iTunes > Preferences > General and set "Ratings" to be "Stars".


Apple Music is baked into the current version of iTunes and you can't really "uninstall" it. That said there is an option to minimize its impact:

in iTunes > Preferences > general un-check "Show Apple Music"

I don't use Apple Music either and after reading this post (loopinsight.com, July 22, 2015), I'm glad I never did as Apple Music seems to be a bit buggy and can actually delete music you added yourself.

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