I'm looking for a way to determine the read/write speed of a disk drive, either by looking up some system information or running a simple benchmark test utility.

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Xbench: Comprehensive Macintosh Benchmarking

Freeware benchmarking solution for Mac OS X.

EDIT: The download link is in the right-hand corner.

Main Window
Xbench startup
Graphics Test
Graphical Test

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Blackmagic Disk Speed Test performs various tests and tells you how fast your disk is performing.


Phoronix Test Suite

I have not used it, but I plan to.

Discovered through the following article:


OpenBenchmarking.org — an open, collaborative testing platform for benchmarking and performance analysis

… an open, collaborative testing platform designed by Phoronix Media and the developers behind the Phoronix Test Suite, the most comprehensive benchmarking platform for Linux and other operating systems. …


I'm a realist and like to see how finder does in duplicating some folders that I have data in. Documents and Music seem to give me a decent mix and you can subscribe to the apple keynote podcast to get some nice large files to test sustained reads and writes.

You can get a nice graph of the speed using Activity Monitor.

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