When I try to export a file with the same name (in InDesign CS6) I get a popup asking if I want to replace the file.

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How can I move focus between the Cancel and Replace buttons using only the keyboard?

I have found that if I press this sequence Tab > Tab > Space the replace button is pressed instead of cancel, but I get no visual indication this will happen. Is this a bug?


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There are two ways to allow the Mac to move focus between dialog boxes.

One is by going into System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts and clicking the All Controls Radio button on the bottom.

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Another way to do is is by hitting Fn++F7 to toggle between All Controls and Text boxes and lists only (^+F7 if you haven't switched the apple media keys to Fn keys).


Just hit the spacebar.

(It's not necessary to use tab if the button you desire pressed is already outlined.)

This also works with highlighted checkboxes.

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