Now and then I manage to leave for office without my iPhone. As I depend on some two factor authentication apps and other stuff on the phone this basically means that I have to go back and get it.

It would be an extremly helpful feature if Apple watch could warn me actively when my iPhone gets out of its range. The little red indicator that watch displays in the top bar is not enough. I need a tap and some beeps.

I looked around the Watch app on my iPhone but could not find any setting activating such a feature.

Is there a way to get my watch to warn me when my iPhone is out of range? An app maybe?


I haven't found an app that does this yet either. Your best bet would be to wait for the upgrade to watchOS 2.

This should enable developers to add more functionality to their apps, including the function you're in need of.


Try the 'Lookout' app. (Lookout.com)

  • Yes I discovered that app on the app store a while ago and tried it, but at least for me, Lookout generates so many false alarms (e.g. when the phone lies on my desk and I just happen to turn around in my chair etc.) that it is not usable.
    – Jan
    Jun 17 '16 at 18:16

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