I wanted to find out if there was a wired alternative to Apple's Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad that also supports the gestures built into OS-X Yosemite, at the very least the ones supported by a Magic Mouse.

I realize that one alternative is just stick with the wireless Magic Mouse and go with a Mobee Magic Charger for Apple Magic Mouse, but the reviews on the Apple Store have been mixed and I was wondering if anyone is using a wired device that gives them the ability to use OS-X gestures?


Well searches of all the major sites, Apple, Amazon, B&H, MacLife, MacWorld, etc. has not yielded an answer on a wired mouse or trackball that support OS-X gestures. I figured I would bump this once to see if maybe I missed something, or if there is a designer out there who wants to go in on the deal to make one. ☺︎

Thank you.


Okay, so I found out that there is one option that kind of supports Apple's Magic Mouse and Magic Trackpad gestures.

The Wacom Bamboo Pad allows you to control your Mac with touch gestures and comes in a wired, USB model.

If anyone finds another solution, please post it, because I was really looking for a wired mouse that can do this and would appreciate the input.

Thanks again,

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