I´m running osx yosemite with homebrew, apache, php5.6.9 and have installed php 5.3. I need php 5.3 to run a certain api which known to have complications with ph5.6.9. But how can I disable php 5.6.9 to use the 5.3?


To switch versions:

brew unlink php56 && brew link php53

There are complete instructions for managing and using a specific version of PHP at the Github repo for homebrew-php:


Setup the homebrew/dupes tap which has dependencies we need:

$ brew tap homebrew/dupes

Setup the homebrew/versions tap which has dependencies we need:

$ brew tap homebrew/versions

Then, run the following in your command-line:

$ brew tap homebrew/homebrew-php


Note: For a list of available configuration options run:

$ brew options php53

Once the tap is installed, you can install php53, php54, php55, php56, or any formulae you might need via:

$ brew install php53

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