I used to be able to Right-click or Command-click the name of the file in the title bar and see the path, whether the file was locked or not. Now when I open an attachment from Outlook (yes, I know it's in the Outlook temp folder - I just shouldn't have to manually navigate there), I can't actually open that folder from the Preview window.

When I try this method on an unlocked file, such as one on the Desktop, or in my Documents folder, it succeeds. So far, I can only see that the locked state is at issue.

I saw on another answer to a similar question they referred to ensuring View > Show Path Bar was selected - but that's not an option in my version of Preview.

Any ideas?

Additional info: I reviewed the updates I've recently installed, and I think the behavior changed after I installed the most recent Xcode update (v6.4) a few days ago (I doubt that iMovie, OneNote or HP Printer software updates were involved). On Yosemite 10.10.4.

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It's not the best way, but it works:

  1. Open Terminal.app, type dirname (with space),
  2. drug file into Terminal.app, and you'll see full escaped path of file (with \ symbols if there're some spaces around).
  3. Press Enter and this command prints full path without escapes, copy this output (with ⌘Cmd-C)
  4. with Finder.app type ⌘Cmd-Shift-G to open this directory.

PS: To drug file into Terminal you can drug this small icon on the window frame

  • Hmm - that does work! Though strangely, Preview always wants to interpret my drag on the small icon as a move of the Preview window the first time I do it - even when clicking squarely in the middle of that icon. Once I let go and try again, it does work. Like you said, not the best, but the only way I've found since the behavior changed. Thank you!
    – rand0m1
    Jul 28, 2015 at 8:59

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