I am trying to upgrade to 10.10(.4) - currently I am at 10.9.5. I had previously done some "creative" :) partitioning of my rMBP SSD - everything was working fine, running Boot Camp as well. However, the 10.10 installer didn't like my partitioning scheme (I did want to have a Recovery partition included), so I reduced the system back down to just the OS X (HFS+) partition and the Boot Camp (NTFS) partition. However, in that re-partitioning, the "Recovery HD" partition become unhidden (everything still functions as it should).

Now when I attempt the upgrade, the installer is still giving me grief about the state of the HD with the message:

Some features of OS X 10.10 are not supported for the disk "Mac HD"

Features such as FileVault and Recovery Mode won't be available of you install 10.10 on this disk. To learn more, click More Info. To continue with the installation, click Continue.

I suppose it is likely I am getting this due to the fact that the Recovery HD is no longer hidden. I would prefer to have the 10.10 recovery partition on the SSD if at all possible.

So - if I blow away the Recovery HD partition, will the installer Do the Right Thing and put a new Yosemite one in? Maybe it will do so anyway? Maybe do a reinstall of 10.9.5 so that (maybe?) hides the Recovery partition? Are there some flags I can set to manually hide the Recovery HD partition? (FBOW I am very familiar with GPartEd and gdisk.) Thanks for any suggestions.


Well I did a bit more searching and came across this page which gave me the correct commands to hide the recover partition:

%mount (find the partition of "Recovery HD")
%diskutil unmount <partition>  (in my case: /dev/disk0s3 )
%sudo asr adjust --target /dev/disk0s3 -settype Apple_Boot

After this, I verified I could boot into all OSes (I could), went back to Yosemite installer and it approved of my partition scheme. Everything is working great in 10.10 now.

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