When I turn on the Apple hotspot feature, is it an isolated network, or can I see other devices on it?

Can I use it to connect a third device to a Chromecast?

As in tablet -> iPhone with hotspot (and cellular data off) -> Chromecast?

I want to use a Chromecast while on holiday!


Personal Hotspot is designed for sharing a cellular data connection, not for acting as a wireless access point or router. This means that multiple devices connected to the same iOS device cannot connect to one another - they can only access the Internet (assuming the cellular data connection is active). Unfortunately I can't find any Apple documentation to confirm this, but have seent his from personal experience.

Your best solution is to purchase a portable wireless access point and connect all of your devices to that.

Hootoo makes a dependable and well supported line of travel routers starting at $20. Models get better features and even built in batteries for another $10 and $20 respectively.

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    -1 because in my personal experience, devices can communicate with each other on the hotspot LAN. This functionality may be limited, but it does work at least on some iOS devices. – sjy Jul 10 '18 at 4:07

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