Is this normal? (softwareupdated is an apple helper checking for updates)

Softwareupdated consuming 36gb memory

I restarted my mac and it started again

slowly climbing the numbers

The AppStore is spinning trying to check for updates, and i am unable to update my mac >.<

Appstore Image

So i guess my actual question is

Can it be fixed? Do i need to reinstall Yosemite or can it be resolved with a simple Patch without going through AppStore?

Specs: MacSpecs

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I force quitted the 'softwareupdated'-helper and immediatly tried to click the update button, before AppStore began to check for updates.
Took a few tries but managed to get pass the check and have now Succesfully updated to 10.10.4


OSXDaily.com wrote up a helpful article about this very same issue.

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