I'd like to compare two text files on a paper. Which app should I use to print a diff of two files?

I know several apps to show diff on a screen and usually use MacVim. However, MacVim seems not have a feature to print diff side by side.

  • kaleidoscopeapp.com perhaps worth a look (sorry, I don't have time to check if it includes printing, but it has many other features...)
    – Ashley
    Commented Jul 6, 2015 at 19:48

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I thought perhaps BBEdit might have what you want. Under the Search menu, there is a Find Differences command, wherein the text files can be selected.

However, the result shows the file contents side-by-side, on screen. When printed, the output is merely a list of which lines did not match.

As a workaround, might I suggest the following:

  1. Perform the comparison using whatever software works for you.
  2. Get a screen capture (i.e., bitmap) of each page of side-by-side text.
  3. Print the bitmaps.

It will be somewhat rough, but you'll (probably) have the printed sheets of line comparisons that you need.


There are sites that will do diff for you.

Do you use GitHub? I think their site's Diff displays are quite nice, and seem to print just as nicely.

Otherwise a google search turn up a few other sites that offer this service, here's one that seems to have decent print support:


Of course using this method you have to not be too worried about the confidentiality of your document, or have a great deal of trust in the service provider!

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