Is there a way find a history of listened to music through Apple Music. The way I'm using it right now is:

  1. Search for a given album/artist on the search bar on iTunes
  2. The "New" tab is selected? (I can't understand why, most of the music I'm searching for were released decades ago)
  3. I click on the big play button on the top - albums starts playing
  4. I continue searching for more music, seeing related artists, etc

If I ever want to go back to the album view, I need to keep pressing the 'Back' button until the album appears. If I ever quit iTunes, I probably won't be able to find the album, unless I added it to my library.

I might just go back using last.fm.

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Its available to me off the menu in the header. click the menu icon, then click the clock icon in the pop-up. Previously Played Popup


Is there a bar on the bottom of the screen showing which song is currently playing?

iOS 8.4 mini player

If so you can try dragging that up and it should bring you to a screen that has more stuff on it.

iOS 8.4 full player

Click on the button that looks like three dots with horizontal lines to the right of them (it's to the right of the skip/fast forward button);

Up Next button

that will show "Up Next" if you scroll up you will see your History.

Up Next scrolling up shows History

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    To do the same on iTunes there is a clock icon on the numbered list button on the top bar. I fail so bad trying to figure what all those icons without alt texts do.
    – arturhoo
    Commented Jul 7, 2015 at 17:13

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