I just switched to using the icloud photo library and I enjoy the possibility to view my photos on any computer via the icloud.com web interface. However, my shared albums do not appear there. Is that a limitation of icloud.com or are there any steps I have to take in order to enable shared albums on icloud.com?


You can make any shared album visible on the web.

In Photos, select the shared album, click on your little "head" icon on the top right to get this dialog.

enter image description here

Check Public Website. Distribute URL.

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    I think you miss the point. Of course one can share to the world and as such you the owner can now see them too. The fact that as the owner who creates the shared album can't see all their shared album on icloud.com website is really dumb!! The fact that a work around is to share with the world defeats the purpose of selective sharing. – Tarang Aug 31 '17 at 3:33

You can’t as of December 2018:

No shared albums.

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