I have my iMovie events stored on my external harddrive (located in a Synology NAS). It worked like a charm with iMovie '11 on Snow Leopard.

I then received my new MBP with Lion and the external drive is not showing. I cannot thus access my events which is pretty annoying as it prevents me from using the application...

Here is what I see in iMovie:(see edit 2 for new state)
I previously had my external drive below the Macintosh HD one.

My external drive is correctly mounted before launching iMovie:
mounted HDD info

It has the iMovie Events folder at root level (and as I said, it was correctly detected under same iMovie version on Snow Leopard).

I tried mounting it using afp: but result is the same.

Any help appreciated as I don't get what could have changed between SL and Lion for this.

edit: Same with volume now mounted using NFS:
NFS Volume

The list in iMovie stays desperately empty...

edit 2: something new! My NFS mounts are now visible in the list (probably coming from an update of iMovie inbetween).
Problem is that they are still empty and with a yellow warning sign, without any tooltip on it...
enter image description here


Lion turned off an older and less secure method of authenticating AFP connections, which a lot of third-party vendors of NAS devices were using, including Synology. Synology have made available a beta release of their new firmware which fully supports Lion (as long as your Synology device was made in 2008 or later).

  • Before posting I upgraded my NAS to the last 3.1 DSM version not seeing there were a 3.2 Beta. I'll try this one. – LudoMC Jul 31 '11 at 16:42
  • Upgraded to 3.2 beta and still the same issue. When mounted (afp or smb) drive is not showing up in iMovie... :( – LudoMC Jul 31 '11 at 17:31
  • 1
    Now upgraded to final 3.2 version for my NAS and still the same issue (afp, smb or nfs) – LudoMC Sep 10 '11 at 12:28

OK, I did me a nice christmas gift by solving this, and quite easily in fact.
It could be considered as workaround only but it saved my life.

Answer: symlink!

Now, in my Movies folder, the iMovie Events folder is pointing to the iMovie Events folder I have on my external harddrive. All my videos are back and I can add videos without issue.

So waiting for the trick to get it work how it should, at least, I can use the application again!

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