I have been trying to use a feature to open and edit Excel files from Dropbox app using Excel for iPad app.

I open the Excel file in this app, and I see a notice that I cannot edit the file but I have to convert it first

When I press Convert and Edit, nothing happens.

Does anyone have any idea why is nothing happenings and why I cannot edit Excel files?

PS. I opened .xslx file (office 2010)


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As noted in the comments, editing is only allowed if one has a subscription to Office 365. As noted in this article Excel for iPad is free as a read-only client for Excel spreadsheets.

Alternatives to purchasing a subscription to Office 365 are available but each have their drawbacks. (Formula editing, format retention, etc.)

  • Google Sheets [App Store link] offers free editing of Excel files. See documentation for details.
  • Apple's own Numbers for iPad will open Excel files for editing but some of the functionality is limited.

According to an Apple forum answer, it may be possible to edit files on mobile devices such as iPhone, just by signing in to a Microsoft account, even without a Microsoft 365 subscription, with some exceptions, including:

Your mobile device is larger than 10.1”.

You are creating, editing, and saving files to online business storage services such as:

  • Google Drive, Box, and other business storage

  • OneDrive for business

  • Dropbox for Business

Some features require a subscription. Without signing in, the files are treated as read-only.

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