I've recently buy Synology DS215j and for almost everything it works fine. But I have two problems with this and Mac OS X.

First I must always first mount this NAS server in finder before using. Sometimes I see it in Shared group in Finder but everytime I tried to click on it and see content it doesn't work and I must first use Go -> Connect to a server ... -> and fill smb://192... (or use saved address; maybe I have little different names, because I am translating it from my language). Now for sometime it works ok but when I am not using it and try it after hour I must reconnect.

Second problem could be relative to first one. I moved my music folder to NAS and I used application for creating iTunes Server on NAS and when I created I connect it from my MacBook iTunes and it works. But after a while of listening music it stops and it disconnects and I can't find any iTunes Server available.

Is it normal? I just want to always have my music to available and same with files in Finder that are located on NAS. I guess I have set right settings on both side but I am not sure. Thanks for help


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Regarding lost iTunes Media Library:

Start iTunes with SHIFT Key down and select NAS Library as new iTunes Library.

Make sure you still have the files iTunes Libary.itl and iTunes Libary.xml after eventualy deleting 'old' Media Folder.

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